What is Chronic Inflammation?

Do you ever feel your pants have gotten too tight… just after you get up from eating? Holidays come and go, but weight gain sticks around a while longer.  Why is that?  And how did we get so inflamed as a society?

Does this describe you around the holidays? “I tried so hard to be good, but that piece of apple pie (insert favorite) had my name on it!”  This past Thanksgiving, as hard as I tried to be good, I just had to taste the Pecan Pie.  What’s your favorite dessert during the holidays?

My homemade pie was loaded with sugar (even though I used mostly brown rice syrup), the crust had wheat (gluten), and don’t forget the whipped cream on top (dairy)….the 3 top contributors to inflammation in our body.

I tried to make gluten-free pie crusts, but they weren’t perfect, and didn’t look as pretty as the others.  It’s a work in progress. My daughter suggested Pamela’s bread mix for my next go-around.

We all know inflammation on the outside of the body as redness and swelling.  It’s our body’s healing response to injury or infection.  But when inflammation happens on the inside… and becomes a chronic condition, not only can we not see it, but the increasing damage over time leads to illness and disease.  Inflammatory conditions caused by an imbalanced diet can be reversed.

One theory around this bloating sensation is a food intolerance. Did you notice how gluten and dairy sensitivities are becoming more mainstream?  The offending items disturb the gut flora in our intestines leading to an imbalance, which either quickly or over the span of years… leads to bloating and  inflammation.

We can begin to reduce these conditions by consuming a clean, anti-inflammatory diet, exercising, and reducing stress in our lives.  If we consume every color of the rainbow in REAL food, every day, we are very close to getting all the nutrients our bodies need.

Remember to consume healthy fats for proper absorption of nutrients into your cells. Good fats include wild-caught fish, coconut oil, avocados, and flax seed oil.

Eat lots of greens, try including kale and collard greens. Reduce or minimize alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar, sugar substitutes, caffeine, processed foods, fast foods, chemical-laden foods, and preservatives.  For recipe idea’s and to take the 14-Day Clean Diet Challenge, visit my homepage.

Make smarter food choices throughout the day, no deprivation, and try new foods you haven’t tried before.  Make it fun and include any children you might have in your life.  I make it a game by asking my granddaughters every day…”what did you eat that was green today?”  They are actually getting the idea (and think Grammy is a little weird sometimes)!

Please leave a comment if you would like to share your story about inflammation.

Deborah Allison is creator of the Clean Diet Challenge and founder of Integrative Holistic Wellness, a private health coaching practice where she educates and supports her clients to achieve their goals through personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs.  Through 1-on-1 coaching, Deborah empowers her clients to stop managing their symptoms and find the underlying cause, whether it is nutrition based or not. Learn more at her website: www.coachdeballison.com

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  1. YAH!!!!!! Glad the diet is working. My son was diesongad with ADHD 15 years ago (he’s 20 now) and I totally overhauled his diet. I don’t think people give a “clean diet” the credit it deserves.