Welcome 2016 with a Cleansed You

red car zoomingHere we are again, zooming into 2016 at full throttle. How does time fly so fast?

I thought it would be the perfect time of year to share cleanse tips, as most often this time of year brings renewed commitment to health and fitness.

Another word for cleansing is detoxing your body. There isn’t much difference. In essence, we choose a time that makes sense to us (often when the seasons change or at the start of a new year) and begin to look at how we can make improvements to our way of eating. Each person can be at a different stage with this concept, each of us looking for our own balanced way of being healthy. One way is not perfect for everyone, but here are some basics.

your pathThe Basics:

  • Add in more fruits and vegetables.
  • Ease up or eliminate heavy cooked foods for a few days.
  • Eat more raw foods for their enzymes and vital life-force energy.
  • As best you can, remove unwanted environmental toxins.
  • Drink more filtered water.
  • Get more sleep, or how can the sleep you get be more restful?
  • Reduce inflammation through food choices.
  • Reduce stress: when you give too much of yourself, it’s like only breathing out and never breathing in. You can only thrive when you do both!

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What would be some action steps you can begin to contemplate now?

sunset opportunityACTION STEPS:

  • Detox your kitchen from anything that isn’t REAL food.
  • Write down your personal goals for doing a detox or cleanse.
  • Write down any beliefs you may have around not being able to lose weight.
  • Practice listening to your body. Physical symptoms of discomfort might be sweating, bloating, belly-aches, headaches, mood swings… you can truly begin to ease the disconnect by paying close attention to your discomforts.
  • Write down how you might see your life changing if you were more energetic, more vibrant, more nourished, and more positive!

“Accepting and being kind to ourselves creates change!”

testimonialMore kind words from former clients can be found here. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Many Blessings, Coach Deb