There are basically 4 reasons why we eat!

heart of nutsWhen was the last time you really felt hungry? Many of us eat every 2 hours to keep our energy and blood sugar levels up. Here are the basic four reasons why we eat:

1. We want to feel full, to satiate our hunger with processed carbs and inexpensive food items. In this category, maybe we haven’t begun exploring how our food and moods are connected. Most of us have been here at one time or another. We might rationalize “it’s just this once”. No judgment, just notice if you’ve experienced this step before.

2. We begin to notice our health, possibly correcting a condition that has shown up, and start eating more salads and veggies. We may begin to choose organic/non-GMO in our food choices. We start taking vitamins and supplements, and possibly begin to actively seek out support and accountability.

3. We are eating for wellness, in recovery from illness, or trying to ease discomfort in our body. We begin to minimize meat, grains, processed foods, and alcohol consumption. We experiment with dairy, sugar and gluten-free lifestyle options, trying to figure out our relationship to food and how our body responds.

4. We’ve had an awakening of sorts, and realize that a vegan or raw, plant-based diet may suit us best, but not sure how to proceed healthily. We’ve removed chemicalized foods from our diet, and understand the connection between what we put in and on our body actually does affect us as a whole being.

Where do you find yourself in this pattern of human evolution? For certainly, we are all human and begin somewhere.

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Many Blessings, Coach Deb