The Nutrition Detective for Your Soul

As I ponder this Saturday afternoon… on the intricate nature of our lives, I want to reach out to those inquiring about life within the bigger picture. For instance, why are some of us unusually attracted to Native American teachings, paintings, books, quotes, and news?

Nature in its perfection

Why do we stand at awe in front of a mountain, or gaze in wonderment while visiting beautiful scenery through the lens of our friends camera? Has this happened to you? Have you noticed the perfection of nature and wondered…. is everything in perfect order? Are the ups and downs of my life perfect for MY life lessons?

I’ve decided to create a Facebook page dedicated to sharing our experiences, asking our questions * without judgement * and learning from each other. The time has come to explore this side of ourselves, and when you are ready, I will be there for you.

When you are ready, the link is: Nutrition Detective for Your Soul

Many health coaching clients come to me, not having anyone to talk to about this stuff.  You are not alone! The time is now, we all need to talk about it and share ideas.

The Earth needs our loving support to remain sustainable.  Finding our heart connections, our people,  our tribe… in this ever changing world has never been more crucial. Won’t you help bring us together? Won’t you join us at the Nutrition Detective for Your Soul community page.

Many Blessings,

Health Coach and Seeker of “Who Am I?” Deb

Coach Deb