Kind Words

“Adult Acne Gone in Three Days”

I love that you introduced me to the CTFO Apple Stem Cell Face Lotionapple stem cell lotion with CBD! I have spent thousands of dollars on pharmaceutical products over the years…only to leave my face red, raw, scarred and irritated. Not even antibiotics did the trick. I feel so fortunate to have found a solution, finally after years of struggling with adult acne!!! Thank you Deborah Allison!!!” –Tracie Kennedy, Lansing, NY 

“Life coaching that is heart warming and empowering”

“Deb’s whole-istic approach to life coaching was both strategic and simple; heart warming and empowering. The process unfolded naturally and was easy to digest. I wholeheartedly recommend her services and council.” –Carly VanVleet, Ithaca, NY

“Imagine my surprise, it only took a few weeks!”

“I didn’t realize how good I could feel! I got (finger-prick allergy) tested by Deborah and immediately began avoiding the foods I was sensitive to. You can feel good inside and out from avoiding certain foods! Migraines, hives, stomach pain, acid reflux, 15 lbs! -all GONE! My initial goal was to be more positive and upbeat, ready to conquer all -imagine my surprise, it only took a few weeks!” –Alicia Van Pelt, Ithaca, NY

“I highly recommend working with Deb!”Kind words Heather

Working with Deborah Allison is amazing. She is patient, compassionate, and puts you at ease. The past lives session was profoundly healing–both during the session, and in the days that followed! I have tried many different modalities and this one really seemed to get to the root of my issues. I gained valuable insights about myself and was able to release old destructive patterns. I highly recommend working with Deb! –Heather Erickson, Online Course Developer, Smithfield, Utah

“The release is quite amazing… in body, mind, and spirit!”

I came to Deborah for release. I sensed a relationship with a close family member was connected to a past life together. Since my past life regression session, I have felt open to let go. The release is quite amazing in body, mind and spirit! I now have the ability to let her go, trusting that her path is perfect for her as mine is for me. Deborah kept me on track during the session, and her professionalism was very present. –Ravi Walsh, Spiritual Life Coach, Ithaca, NY

kind words Ravi“The energy of it (the deep memory) made sense to me!”

I’ve started to write down my dreams again! They’ve been fascinating. You got me started and I’m very grateful to you! I don’t need to know if the vision was memory or fantasy. It doesn’t matter. The energy of it made sense to me. Deborah emanates an energy of confidence and clarity. Her tone is safe and encouraging. There is power in your past lives therapy work, but the power is soft and buoying. –Mihal Ronen, Elementary School Teacher, Ithaca, NY

“I’m bursting with creative energy!”

After having a past life regression session with Deborah, I’ve taken on a zillion projects and am ‘taking care of business’. I’m bursting with creative energy! Deborah is excellent at what she does! –Jessica Clancy, massage school student, Newfield, NY

kind words Amanda“Almost total elimination of pain”

Since our past life regression session, I am calmer, and more focused. I am sleeping better, at peace, especially in my heart! Almost total elimination of pain from Achilles tendon on right foot. Some tangible results I’ve noticed are that my stress level has dropped incredibly, and I am able to process challenges with more clarity. My anxiety level about the future and job changes has virtually disappeared! It is easier for me to look at the ‘big picture’ and do so without panic! Deborah was calm and welcoming, trustworthy (and I’m not one to trust easily), and reassuring. Deborah has a beautiful voice – easy to listen to. –Elizabeth Russell, Massage Therapist, Corning, NY

“Improved energy and greater ease obtaining goals”

I completed a past life regression session with Deborah, and afterward noticed improved mental clarity, a brightness, increased ease with posture (feeling more upright), and a clearer voice (ease with speaking).  The tangible results I noticed were improved energy, increased confidence, and greater ease obtaining goals that I set for myself this week. Deborah is a gentle guide, with ease of questions… step by step through the process. –Erica Craig, Massage Therapist, Corning, NY

“Life is flowing smoother”

My experience after the past life regression has been very positive, like a wonderful sense of relief. Life is flowing smoother. Working with my own patients, I am able to let them process their own energy shifts, instead of feeling the need to do it for them, leaving me with more energy at the end of the work day, and not exhausted! Since my sessions with Deborah, I have had a lot of insights about my work and my path. There is an added sense of calm and comfort in the work that I do. I feel like I was able to shed a bunch of layers that were holding me back. Deb is a caring and compassionate practitioner. She has an amazing way of facilitating insights, awareness, and changes on a deep level. I have recommended her work to MULTIPLE patients of mine! –Jen Zitkov, Acupuncturist, Corning, NY

“It was as if there was a secret I was keeping, I am relieved”

I was in kind of shock that day, but feeling better.  It was as if there was a secret I was keeping that I didn’t even know about! I won’t say that the session wasn’t traumatic, because it was. However, now that a few days have gone by, the scattered and anxious thoughts have condensed into realization that my past life regression was a turning point for me. This was clearly a story that needed to be told! The tangible results I feel are relief, and much better about myself. I feel that I have more understanding of myself (much more) and my relationships (and triggers). My inner child has grown and she looks so much happier! Deborah has a very good bedside manner. I appreciate how calm and in control she was. Deborah is kind, non-judgmental, yet demonstrates authority during the regression process. –Anonymous, Corning, NY

“Very honoring and direct… I’m impressed!”

Some of my issues are more clear after my session, like when growing up I had a recurring fear that my parents would move away without me!  I woke up feeling very positive today (the day after my session), full of energy (at 6 am!), with great idea’s that I implemented. Also, my troublesome left toe is more flexible. Since my past life regression session with Deborah, I’m making powerful decisions  more easily, and feel calmer and more beautiful.  Deborah is very thorough, compassionate, and able to delve deeply and hold the client safely in a sacred manor. Very honoring and direct… I’m impressed! –Susan Norton, Shaman, Ithaca, NY

“Coach Deb is kind, generous and inspiring”

I’ve worked with Coach Deb for the past 6 months in her ‘My Heart’s Intention Coaching Program’. I have increased awareness and self acceptance, I’m eating healthier, and noticed increased energy. Some of the tangible results I noticed are weight loss and eating more whole foods! Deborah is very knowledgeable, encouraging, kind, generous, and inspiring. –Sarah Dean, Associate in the Real Estate Division, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

“Coach Deb is supportive and AMAZING”

The positive changes I experienced working with Coach Deb in her 6 month program were numerous. I used to nap every day, now… no more fatigue, increased energy, and no more naps! I am more positive and happy than before, have better digestion and no more bloating. I have healthier eating habits, and NOT over-eating comes naturally.  Coach Deb is positive, kind, patient, understanding, knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive – AMAZING! –Rebecca Markson, Ithaca, NY

“I am now experiencing freedom to speak my mind!”

I recently experienced a past life regression with Deborah Allison, and found it to be interesting, informative and healing. I have spent much of this life with respiratory and throat ailments, beginning with tonsillitis as a child to bronchitis as an adult. Without going into depth of the many details during the regression session, I found that a particular event occurred in a past life that left me unable to speak. In this lifetime, I have now been able to track where I was silent, to my detriment, and the importance of speaking my truth. I am now experiencing the healing liberation and freedom of speaking my mind. I am deeply grateful to Deb for her dedication to this healing art and her compassion for facilitating transformation for her clients. –Margaret Snow, Spiritual Life Coach, Ithaca, NY

“You are never too old to be pain-free!”

Forty two years ago, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with having Arthritis. Throughout the years, I took many different anti-inflammatory medications and was able to control the pain.  Several years ago, the pain in my hands, knees and hips was unbearable, no matter how many pills I took! My niece Debbie Allison happened to call on a day when the pain was pretty intense. I was in the process of telling her about a friend coming over for dinner and how silly I thought it was that I had to make special food for her gluten-free diet. Debbie stopped me right there, and said “You know Aunt Vita, my daughters and I are gluten-free”. After she advised me about the connection between gluten (wheat) and inflammation, I still wasn’t convinced! My doctor had prescribed yet one more lotion to try, when the next day I thought… why not? What do I have to lose? I’m going to see if staying away from gluten for a few days will make a difference… and I’m 100% Italian, you can imagine how hard this was going to be! Just three days later I was on the phone to Debbie! You can imagine my astonishment when it only took 3 days for the pain to stop. I had thought it would take a month, if it even worked at all! I went through my pantry and read every label, and literally through out everything with wheat or gluten in it. I have been off meds and pain free for the past several years! I take an aerobics class at the YMCA three days a week and hike three miles on the alternate days. I should mention that the classes I take are not the senior level classes, many of the participants are many years younger than I.  Debbie sends me her newsletters, and six months ago I also decided to take some more of her advice and now I am 99.9% dairy free (still yearn for cheese now and then). I can honestly say that I have never felt so good as I do now. Thank you Debbie. –Love, Aunt Vita (77 years old), Tucson, AZ

“A light turned on!”

“OMG coach, that Empath-talk rocked my world. YES I am one, and so is my mom.. I feel so incredibly enlightened and light …like the power just got turned on.” –Jessica, Ithaca, NY (Jessica completed my 6 month coaching program)

“I’m more aware of who I am and what I’m capable of.”

Working with Deborah in a 3-month program has been wholly enlightening for me, resulting in positive shifts both physically and mentally.  Going into the program, I had a lack of faith in my ‘self’, which had me always questioning my choices and feeling imbalanced.  Sessions with Deborah gave me a safe space to express and explore my inner thoughts and internal struggles.  With her support and the illuminating concrete information she provided, I learned the importance of giving energy to myself and expressing my needs.  My biggest triumphs are being more aware of who I am and what I’m capable of – and being able to laugh at myself!  I also feel better physically because I lost weight during the program and became more aware of my food choices.   I encourage anyone considering working with Deborah to commit the time for themselves and do it!  Deborah is a wonderful support to walk the path with.  –Melani Fuchs, Montessori Teacher, Freeville, New York

“I lost 15 pounds!”

Before working with Deb, I was overweight and struggling with food sensitivities.  These challenges were negatively impacting my relationship with my boyfriend and inhibiting my social life, as I wasn’t able to eat out as often as I liked.  I met Deb through a friend, and decided to give her 6-month health coaching program a try.  With her support and guidance, I lost 15 pounds!  Not only is she a good listener, her recipes are incredibly helpful, and her thoughtful session gifts are truly meaningful.  Since working with Deb, I’m eating breakfast regularly and incorporating movement and meditation into my daily routine.  I’m more focused and energized, which has helped to improve my relationship and boost my career motivation.  I would recommend Deb highly to my family, friends and anyone interested in working with a health coach.   –Jen Kahn, Mind Body Wellness Therapies, Ithaca, New York

“I’m no longer drinking diet soda or using artificial sweeteners.”

I decided to participate in Deborah’s two-week Clean Diet Challenge hoping it would help me on a path to weight loss and discovering possible food allergies.  Before getting started, I wasn’t sure I would be able to maintain the program’s suggestions after the 14 days.  It turned out that with Deborah’s great email support and recommendations about product brands and food choices, the Clean Diet Challenge gave me the direction and confidence I needed to keep up the program.  I’m no longer drinking diet soda or using artificial sweeteners, and my coffee consumption is down to a minimum.  The focus on clean foods also helped me identify that I have a dairy allergy.  I would encourage someone considering Deborah’s Clean Diet Challenge to reserve any skepticism until after the 14 days, and give it a try!  –Jill A., Ithaca, NY

 “I feel lighter and happier.” testimonial

If you’re thinking about doing the Clean Diet Challenge, don’t hesitate! When I began the program, I was having trouble losing weight and went through my days feeling sluggish.  Just two weeks later, I had lost five pounds! I feel lighter and happier.  Deborah is knowledgeable and approachable, and her recipes and list of foods are especially helpful.  –L.C., Ithaca, NY