Spiritual Inquiry and Tools for Awakening

awaken your spiritI’d love to introduce you to my newest program, for beginners in the awakening process. Do you feel a tug on your heart? Are you seeking more to life than just going to work? Are your days slipping by? I offer a heart to heart, real time, personalized connection to assist you on your very own awakening journey.

This program is designed to offer inquiry on a deep spiritual level, a personal level. It’s heart-centered work, designed to begin wherever you’re at now. Let’s face it, we all need assistance in this department from time to time. I personally continue to take classes and courses also. No doubt, it’s truly a beautiful journey.

So where do we begin? Always with the basics. Meditation, tracking events, clearing the clutter of limiting beliefs, asking the question… Do I believe that thought? What are thoughts anyway? Do they serve us? How do I get rid of them?

In every moment we have the power to direct the outcome of our life. We initiate every action, healing or otherwise, with our thoughts. Let’s explore the potential of creating the life we desire. It’s right at your fingertips!

We’ll also explore foods that nourish your body and cleanse your pineal gland for optimal awakening. Detoxification of the pineal gland allows you to remove the crystallized deposits, which in turn allow for more activation and awakening to occur.

What if I’ve hit a wall in my journey? You’ve come to the right place. I can assist you with naming that wall, and pushing through to the other side. I’m so glad you’re here. Let the journey continue…

I use many techniques and exercises founded on the principles of spiritual inquiry. What lovely surprise does your future hold? Come explore with me…

My rates are reasonable, as it is my own intention to assist with your awakening first and foremost. Please inquire about multiple session discounts.

Call today for an appointment at 607-269-5411 or email me at: Deb@CoachDebAllison.com

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Many Blessings, Deborah