Starseed Global Activation Reiki

activation energyTraditional Reiki healing is balancing the energies of the body, mind and spirit by bringing in greater amounts of healing energy. Typically the practitioner may place her hands on an individual in certain positions, often the head, shoulder, heart and abdominal area’s. Many Reiki practitioners have moved away from physically touching their client. In every aspect, whether touching or not, in-person or remotely, healing takes place on an energetic level and can feel quite calming and soothing. Stress melts away.

In 2018 Deborah has been called to bring in greater transmissions of love and light for global awakening. Deborah has been guided to call this new wave of healing energy Starseed Global Activation Reiki. To participate, you may join from wherever you are. No special meditation, music or equipment is necessary.

Every last Sunday of the month, at the 7 am hour EST/EDT you are asked to lie down comfortably and connect with your higher self, your spirit guide, and the Blessed Mother Mary, for approximately 30 minutes.  The transmission work will be done remotely. After the actual activation is over,  please remain lying down, and allow enough time as it feels right to anchor in and integrate the beautiful healing energies. Welcome home!

Deborah was trained in the Usui method of Reiki Energy Healing by Peg Davis of Corning NY in September of 2000. Later she attended spiritual counseling with Ravi Walsh in Ithaca NY, becoming attuned in HeartPath Reiki in January of 2014.

In keeping with the Awakening Activation’s that are happening around the world, Deborah will be participating from Culebra, Puerto Rico. Please join us on each last Sunday of the month at 7 am EDT/EST. Participation exchange can be found here.

Starseeds are individuals who exist here on the earth plane in a three dimensional human body, but whose soul may have originated from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimension or parallel universe.

During this time of soul evolution, I have been guided to offer Starseed Global Activation Reiki to those all around the globe who desire transmissions of love and light for individual and collective soul transformation. My benevolent spirit guide, the Blessed Mother Mary, will usher in these light transmissions. No guided meditation needed, tune in wherever you are, at the top of the 7 am hour, on the last Sunday of every month, for 30 minutes. Preferably lying down, be in a comfortable position to receive. Connected as one, on a deep soul level, we will uplift and raise the vibration of the planet and each other.

An energy exchange for this monthly transmission of love and light, a $11.00 US donation is welcomed and appreciated. Watch my blog or Facebook for monthly healing themes and updates beginning August 2018.

Coach Deb Allison

Coach Deb Allison

To work with Deborah one-on-one, please contact her here. There is limited availability, however options DO exist.

More information about Starseed Life Coaching can be found here.

Many Blessings,