Food Sensitivity Testing

“I didn’t realize how good I could feel! I got tested and immediately began avoiding the foods I was sensitive to. You can feel good inside and out from avoiding certain foods! Migraines, hives, stomach pain, acid reflux, 15 lbs – all gone! My initial goal was to be more positive and upbeat, ready to conquer all – imagine my surprise, it only took a few weeks!” -Alicia Van Pelt, Ithaca, NY

A food sensitivity or intolerance, is simply a toxic response to food or food additives, where the molecules have difficulty breaking down or being digested, causing an intolerant response.  Our gut is our ‘second brain’ and if it becomes compromised, the improperly digested molecules pass through the GI tract and into our blood stream.  An example would be that we eat something today, but get a rash tomorrow.  It is a delayed response, as opposed to a bee sting, a potential life threatening immune response for some.

What is a food sensitivity?

“When the lining of the gut is inflamed, small fissures open between the tightly woven cells making up the gut wall. Called leaky gut syndrome, these chinks in the gut’s armor allow bacteria and partially digested food molecules to slip out into the bloodstream where they are considered foreign invaders. Once it spies a potential enemy, the body doesn’t hold back. The immune system attacks full throttle. White blood cells rush to surround the offending particle and systemic inflammation ensues. I’m not talking about a sore throat or infected finger. I’m talking about a hidden, smoldering fire created by the immune system as it tries to fend off a daily onslaught of food allergies. The problem is that most people eat foods they are allergic (or sensitive) to several times a day. Meaning every time that food enters the body, the immune system whips itself into a frenzy. But because symptoms are delayed up to 72 hours after eating, a low-grade food allergy can be hard to spot. Without diagnosis or awareness, the damage is repeated over and over, meal after meal. Eventually, inflammation seeps throughout the body, establishing an environment ripe for weight gain and chronic disease. Identifying and treating food allergies and food sensitivities is an important part of my practice. I have seen dramatic effects in weight loss, inflammatory conditions like autoimmune disease, and even mood and behavioral disorders.”  -Dr Mark Hyman

Chronic inflammation of the GI tract can be caused by stress, environmental toxins, certain foods, and from the numerous pesticides and chemicals found in our food today.

Chronic inflammation is overwhelming our healthcare system with many of these diseases previously considered diseases of aging. Eating a diet rich in leafy greens, fresh caught fish for the omega’s, increased plant based fiber, and omitting gluten and dairy, will reverse many symptoms.” –Dr Andrew Weil

Two options if a food intolerance is suspected:

1. Get a blood test. Blood testing for food allergens can help you identify hidden food allergies or sensitivities. While these tests do have limitations and need to be interpreted in the context of the rest of your health, they can be useful guides to what’s bothering YOU in particular.  Clients benefit from working with me, guiding them on how to heal their gut with personalized meal planning. I offer an IgG finger-prick blood test, free with Deborah’s Platinum Program.

2. Practice an Elimination Diet. Avoid the top food allergens for six weeks by cutting out items like gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, soy, nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, and eggplant), citrus, and yeast (baker’s, brewer’s yeast, and fermented products like vinegar). When you reintroduce a top food allergen (one at a time), eat it at least 2-3 times a day for 3 days to see if you notice a reaction. If you do, note the food and eliminate it for 90–180 days to allow your gut to heal.

Common reactions to food sensitivities or intolerances might be headaches, bloating, sinus pressure, joint pain, emotional outbursts, fatigue, constipation/diarrhea, eczema/psoriasis, urinary frequency/urgency, and susceptibility to infections (anywhere in the body), anxiety/depression, and weight gain/loss.

These symptoms which lead to inflammation in the body can potentially cause, and be labeled as much more serious conditions, such as an autoimmune disorder, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, mood disorders, infertility, cardiovascular disease, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin disorders, Fibromyalgia, IBS, the inability to lose weight, and even cancer.

Testing for food sensitivities has not been scientifically proven, however, I have had numerous clients benefit from being tested… then abstaining from the offending food items for a period of time (maybe 3-6 months if followed 100%), and then the foods are slowly reintroduced.

Once your gut heals, in this case from omitting the inflammatory foods, not only does your whole body heal, but foods can then be eaten again, that were once troublesome. An IgG Panel can be ordered from Dr. Donielle Wilson’s website to determine if you have food sensitivities for chronic conditions that occur from a delayed symptom or inflammatory response. Please schedule a free initial consultation with me to determine if food sensitivity testing is right for you!

I want to get tested now!

Could this be you?

“I’ve read about food sensitivity testing, and the connection between food, mood, fatigue, bloating, hives, acne, abdominal pain, and migraines. I’ve heard that IgG food intolerant test results will help navigate me back to feeling at ease in my own body again. I am so happy to find Coach Deb and this website! Please sign me up for a consultation, to get tested as soon as possible, and get relief from my symptoms now!”

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