Self-care idea’s for continuing past Mother’s Day!

Self-care habits to incorporate Self-care habits or rituals… do you think they are important?

Can you think of just one that you perform on a daily basis?

Self-care is truly the basis of self-love!

The more you perform the act or acts you choose, the more it becomes part of your daily routine, the more you tune into your own needs and desires… often fulfilling a strong need to create a loving relationship with self.

It is our heart’s desire. Self-care practices may even help to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

Let me share some self-care resources with you today.

From this list you may make your own checklist of sorts. Choose some items that you can commit to everyday for positive shifts in your life.

Self Care checklist… what appeals to you? What can you commit to?

  • Dry skin brushing daily before showering.
  • Gentle yoga poses (at least 3) upon rising.
  • Gentle stretching exercises (at least 3) upon rising.
  • Take note of what makes you feel grounded each morning, even if its standing with your feet shoulder width apart while brushing your teeth. FEEL your feet firmly anchored to the ground and FEEL in-your-body…
  • Take an early morning walk in nature, if you can, for a similar grounding experience.
  • Infrared sauna – great for helping your body get rid of toxins. In the Ithaca area, my friend Lori has one at her salon called Dodge City Clippers.
  • Practice a 5 minute daily meditation.
  • Enjoy a daily practice of gratitude with feeling. Imagine and FEEL your gratefulness.
  • After lunch, schedule in a rest period for 10-20 minutes. Read, sun-bathe, journal, or nap.
  • Schedule time for movement. Pilates, Yoga, something you love, like dance or hiking!
  • Join friends or family for a walk, being in nature is a bonus.
  • In the evening, spend some time with art, music, or journaling. Something that inspires you, and ignites your creative side.

12 Steps to Self-care