What is Past Life Therapy:

Past lives therapy is a technique for accessing and experiencing your past lives through the removal and release of unresolved negative patterns, in a direct fashion – whether the patterns manifest on an emotional, mental or physical level.

You can turn to past life regression when you are searching for answers, you want to resolve an emotional or health issue, and/or better understand life events and relationships happening around you. The past life memories that come to you during a session are “the autobiography of your eternal soul” -Carol Bowman

The most often asked question is “Am I on track with my life purpose?” Regression therapy can assist with questions you may have for your Higher Self, the all-knowing part of your spirit. Answers become available during your session and in the days that follow.

Regression therapy: experience your past lives!

My practice of regressing adults and teenagers began in early 2014 when I was drawn to mentor under Dr Morris Netherton, a pioneer in the field of past life therapy, at Holos University in Missouri.  Since that time, I estimate that I have worked with over 500 individuals… but I no longer keep count.

The majority of my regression work is done at the beautiful Foundation of Light in Ithaca, NY. The energy there is absolutely amazing, as there were large crystals buried at the time of construction at the four corners of the building, and the property is geographically located on spiritually significant ley lines (Ley lines connect important and sacred sites throughout the world with electromagnetic energy).

I believe that past lives therapy is a spiritual journey, therefore, we begin each session with a prayer to the four directions – invoking help in overcoming obstacles, and protection from any negativity. Regardless of what religion you practice, or none at all, we seal the sacred space we have created for your work. You may now experience your soul in another lifetime, bringing into your awareness… you are more than your physical bodyin the now‘.

Stress and Birth

For instance, did you know, the manner in which you experience your own birth will determine your formula for coping with stress for the rest of your life? Regression therapy offers a solution to break free of stressful thoughts.

Birth is the very first stress-experience you have. During a past lives session, we often explore your birth experience in this life, often the most cherished part of  a clients session.

Whether you are looking to discover your life purpose, release unwanted emotions that no longer serve you, uncover the root cause of an illness that struck for no logical reason, heal from an earlier trauma, or augment Western (medical) and Eastern (acupuncture) healing modalities for a current illness… the possibilities for your health and happiness are limitless.

Norman Shealy M.D., a renowned neurologist and author, has dedicated the last fifty years to researching and identifying effective alternative healing modalities. He said the following of Past Lives Therapy: “There is no other therapy as powerful!”

In the short video above, Dr Norm Shealy interviews the pioneer of Past Lives Therapy and my personal mentor- Dr Morris Netherton.





“My past life regression session with Deb Allison has permanently altered my relationship with myself and my sadness; allowing for genuine self-compassion and loving-kindness. The experience was magical and continues to provide me with insight and empowerment to live this lifetime as joy filled and present as possible.” -Carly Van Vleet

Hear what clients are saying about Coach Deb’s regression sessions

“I highly recommend working with Deb!”

Working with Deborah Allison is amazing. She is patient, compassionate, and puts you at ease. The past lives session I had with Deb via Skype was profoundly healing–both during the session, and in the days that followed! I have tried many different modalities and this one really seemed to get to the root of my issues. I gained valuable insights about myself and was able to release old destructive patterns. I highly recommend working with Deb! -Heather Erickson, Online Course Developer, Smithfield, Utah

“The release is quite amazing… in body, mind, and spirit!”

I came to Deborah for release. I sensed a relationship with a close family member was connected to a past life together. Since my past life regression session, I have felt open to let go. The release is quite amazing in body, mind and spirit! I now have the ability to let her go, trusting that her path is perfect for her as mine is for me. Deborah kept me on track during the session, and her professionalism was very present. -Ravi Walsh, Spiritual Life Coach, Ithaca, NY

“The energy of it (the deep memory) made sense to me!”

I’ve started to write down my dreams again! They’ve been fascinating. You got me started and I’m very grateful to you! I don’t need to know if the vision was memory or fantasy. It doesn’t matter. The energy of it made sense to me. Deborah emanates an energy of confidence and clarity. Her tone is safe and encouraging. There is power in your past lives therapy work, but the power is soft and buoying. -Mihal Ronen, Elementary School Teacher, Ithaca, NY

‘Within days my skin began to clear up”

It took about 3 weeks to really understand what changes had occurred. My overall confidence seemed to re-awaken. I really felt that space was created after the initial release of old trauma, new space that quickly became filled with loving, creative and enthusiastic energy. The biggest tangible result is that I have suffered from skin issues that I always felt were related to things I have been repressing – literally years of dealing with this condition and within days of thepast lives session, it began to clear up. My anxiety has also shifted its focus from abstract to more direct. My relationship has transformed amazingly, trust is easier for me now. Deborah has a gentle nature and way of holding a protective space. I felt very nurtured and very safe. -Amanda McLaughlin, Ithaca, NY

“Almost total elimination of pain”

Since our past life regression session, I am calmer, and more focused. I am sleeping better, at peace, especially in my heart! Almost total elimination of pain from Achilles tendon on right foot. Some tangible results I’ve noticed are that my stress level has dropped incredibly, and I am able to process challenges with more clarity. My anxiety level about the future and job changes has virtually disappeared! It is easier for me to look at the ‘big picture’ and do so without panic! Deborah was calm and welcoming, trustworthy (and I’m not one to trust easily), and reassuring. Deborah has a beautiful voice – easy to listen to. -Elizabeth Russell, Massage Therapist, Corning, NY

“I am now experiencing freedom to speak my mind!”

I recently experienced a past life regression with Deborah Allison, and found it to be interesting, informative and healing. I have spent much of this life with respiratory and throat ailments, beginning with tonsillitis as a child to bronchitis as an adult. Without going into depth of the many details during the regression session, I found that a particular event occurred in a past life that left me unable to speak. In this lifetime, I have now been able to track where I was silent, to my detriment, and the importance of speaking my truth. I am now experiencing the healing liberation and freedom of speaking my mind. I am deeply grateful to Deb for her dedication to this healing art and her compassion for facilitating transformation for her clients. -Margaret Snow, Spiritual Life Coach, Ithaca, NY

“Life is flowing smoother”

My experience after the past life regression has been very positive, like a wonderful sense of relief. Life is flowing smoother. Working with my own patients, I am able to let them process their own energy shifts, instead of feeling the need to do it for them, leaving me with more energy at the end of the work day, and not exhausted! Since my sessions with Deborah, I have had a lot of insights about my work and my path. There is an added sense of calm and comfort in the work that I do. I feel like I was able to shed a bunch of layers that were holding me back. Deb is a caring and compassionate practitioner. She has an amazing way of facilitating insights, awareness, and changes on a deep level. I have recommended her work to MULTIPLE patients of mine! -Jen Zitkov, Acupuncturist, Corning, NY

“I’m bursting with creative energy!”

I’ve taken on a zillion projects and am ‘taking care of business’. I’m bursting with creative energy! -Jessica Clancy, massage school student, Newfield, NY

What to Expect in a Session

Through regression therapy, it is possible to heal your body, mind and spirit through releasing past memories and negative recurring patterns. Deborah’s work with her clients’ delves into past memories from an earlier time in the current life, from traumatic birth or early childhood experiences, OR another lifetime altogether (often called a past life).

Dr Morris Netherton developed this therapeutic technique from his 40+ years of private practice. It’s a healing approach to releasing stress, tension, anger, and anxiety. Deborah received her extensive training from the retired Dr Netherton in May of 2014, along with subsequent continuing education.

Letting go of fear, sadness and confusion are mainstays of the method. This in turn releases physical, mental and/or emotional blocks in the present.

From Deborah’s understanding and extensive training, the first session sets the groundwork and establishes trust between the practitioner and the client, with most people accessing a significant shift after 2 to 3 sessions.

Past life experiences typically focus on karmic conflict. Releasing the confusion that is often met at death is useful for bringing about peace and an ease in this lifetime. Resolution in that experience brings resolution in the now.

A typical first session includes an intake which generally lasts 45 minutes to an hour, building trust and establishing a rapport. We then set an intention for your visit and determine any questions you may have for your higher-self.

Lying down for the regression portion, your eyes are closed as you move into a light trance-state. We create a dialogue, designed to bring your subconscious forward, without using hypnosis or meditation. Often a catharsis occurs (an emotional release), whereby a greater shift can be expected, so come prepared with an open mind. After working with hundreds of clients, Deborah has noticed a 99.9% effective rate.

Deborah assures her clients, it’s like watching a movie screen with eyes closed, similar to guided imagery. Skype sessions are most like guided imagery, and safe because Deborah does not use hypnosis. Come to a session with an open mind, and with an intent to receive healing…that’s all you need. The answers will come.

A belief in reincarnation is not necessary. Shifts in consciousness are created… regardless of whether you believe it’s working or not. Many clients feel they are making up a story, but that is one avenue your subconscious can use to communicate, and shouldn’t be discarded. By releasing negative patterns, you move beyond fear, and into a world of safety and unlimited possibilities.

The goal of past lives therapy is to create the best possible version of you NOW.


A Mind that is FREE…

Past lives therapy can assist in healing relationships or letting them go, releasing blocks around career and self-worth, and exploring physical healing that is available.

If you connect to a past-life death associated with a current illness or discomfort, the therapist will guide you to release the energy in that field, allowing a powerful energetic shift to occur in that part of your body. Healing takes place.

With resolution and healing – clients report more compassion for self and others, a renewed sense of life purpose, relief from stress, relief from physical or emotional discomfort, a sense of balance, greater self-understanding, and profound energetic shifts to name a few.

The healing possibilities are endless. You will enjoy a greater ease in your working environment, working with your own patients or clients, and interacting with your own family and friends.

The goal of Past Lives Therapy is to enable you to be more present and more engaged in creating your current life in the here and now – to truly thrive!

Freedom from stress, fatigue, anxiety and declining health ~ allow in opportunities and potential for manifesting the life you desire!

Who Can Benefit?
If it doesn't

If it doesn’t challenge you…

The benefits of past lives therapy are limitless. Many have experienced pure joy, a universal connectedness, a longing fulfilled, and total relaxation, like a heavy weight lifted off their shoulders.

Deborah’s sees all ages and walks of life in her practice, even teenagers and young adults have experienced new perspectives and greater understanding of their current situations.

Yoga instructors, energy healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, spiritual life coaches, health coaches, and physical therapists all enjoy greater ease working with their own patients and clients after a past lives session.

Past lives therapy is quite transformative as it brings greater clarity of mind and healing to the entire you ~ mental, emotional, physical and spirit. All of you!

In continuing service to the community, Deborah is happy to do a trade with other local holistic practitioners in the greater Ithaca area. Sliding scale is also available. Please email Deborah at deb@CoachDebAllison.com for further inquiry and details, especially if interested in distance sessions.

Pricing and to make an Appointment
follow your dreams

Follow Your Dreams

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Deborah is able to facilitate your session remotely using Skype, or in-person if you are in Ithaca or the surrounding area.

In-person sessions will be at her home office, or the beautiful Foundation of Light on Turkey Hill Rd, your choice.

Please email me for more details. To view my pricing and to pre-pay for your transformative session, please visit my Square online store.

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Deborah is fully certified to carry out past lives therapy work for the retired Dr Morris Netherton.

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