My 14-Day Clean Diet Challenge Day 1

I’ve spent the past few weeks creating a 14-Day Clean Diet Challenge, and now its in the final stages.  I’m testing it on myself to get all the kinks out and adjust the recipes, before I unveil it.

The Challenge is designed to be tough, but with big results.  So on this first day, I’m not feeling the increased energy I promise, but I didn’t have any cravings!

I had a delicious homemade Muesli for breakfast, a warm green smoothie for lunch, and broiled tuna and veggies for dinner.  The Muesli was easy to make the night before, and ready for a quick breakfast in the morning with some coconut milk, my new favorite.  It even tastes great in mashed potatoes.

I am so ready for change, how about you?  With summer fast approaching, I can’t wait to swim and play outside with my grandchildren.  Bathing suit season straight ahead….with no fear, let’s reinvent our body image together.

Details on the full 14-Day Challenge coming soon…suggested recipes and grocery list are included… Let’s do this!

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  1. I tried it this morning! Yummy!!! I used alonmd milk and cheated a bit and used vanilla coconut milk yogurt (they recently started carrying vanilla and blueberry coconut milk at Trader Joe’s). Thanks for posting this!