List of foods containing gluten

Hold the glutenFOODS CONTAINING GLUTEN (NOT all inclusive)

All breads, pastries, cookies, donuts, pasta, crackers, cereal, croutons, etc made from wheat flour
Barley (often hidden in many items, even brown rice syrup)
Battered anything, French fries, sweet potato fries, ask about the oil they are cooked in too!
Bouillon cubes, canned/ packaged soup bases/broths
Breaded on the outside, or bread crumbs in meat (chicken parmesan, meatballs, meatloaf)
Brewer’s Yeast
Candy, red licorice, protein bars, energy bars, anything processed and packaged.
Canned soup (read labels carefully, like cereal, most are labeled gluten-free if they actually are)
Communion wafers
Couscous, Durum
Dextrin (found on meat, as in pre-seasoned meat), self basting poultry also avoid
Disodium Wheatgermamido Peg-2
Eggs served at restaurants sometimes have pancake batter mixed into the uncooked eggs.
Einkorn wheat
Farina, Farro
Graham flour
Granola and granola bars, unless made with certified gluten-free oats (oats are gluten-free by nature, but are often processed in a plant that also processes wheat).
Hot dogs, imitation meat or seafood
Kamut wheat
Malt, malt beverages, malt vinegar, malt extract, malt flavoring.
Modified food starch
Most beer, unless labeled. Tito’s Vodka appears to be a safe alcohol. Avoid grain based spirits.
Nutritional supplements (read labels)
Processed lunch meats, always purchase organic/all meat options from the deli.
Protein powders
Purchased cheesecake filling often includes wheat flour
Sauces and gravies (read labels or make your own)
Seasoned snack foods and rice mixes (pre-packaged)
Some potato chip seasonings may contain malt vinegar or wheat starch
Soy sauce, salad dressings and marinades (read label carefully).
Vegetables in sauces (packaged or restaurant)
Wheat germ, wheat protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat starch, wheatberries

Misc. Food Additives or Processed Foods That Can Contain Gluten
• Artificial Colors
• Artificial Flavors
• Baking powder (commonly contains grain – wheat or corn)
• Bouillon cubes or stock cubes
• Caramel color and flavoring
• Cheese spreads & other processed cheese foods.
• Chocolate – may contain malt flavoring.
• Dip mixes
• Dry roasted nuts & honey roasted nuts
• Dry sauce mixes
• Extenders and binders
• French fries in restaurants – Same oil may be used for wheat-containing items.
• Gravies – check out thickening agent and liquid base.
• Honey Hams – can be based with wheat starch in coating.
• Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate
• Hydrolyzed plant protein
• Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
• Hydroxypropylated Starch
• Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt – check lables
• Instant Teas & Coffees – cereal products may be included in the formulation.
• Maltodextrin (wheat or corn based)
• Maltose
• Mayonnaise – check thickener and grain based vinegar ingredients
• Mustard – Mustard powder may contain gluten
• Natural Colors
• Natural Flavors
• Non Dairy Creamer
• Poultry and meats – Check out the flavorings and basting and inquire about meat glue
• Pregelatinized starch
• Restaurant oil, frying – Check for cross contamination
• Seasonings (check labels)
• Smoke flavors
• Sour cream – May contain modified food starch of indeterminate source.
• Textured vegetable protein, vegetable gum, vegetable protein