I Love Myself Enough to…

How would you finish that sentence? Many of us struggle with putting self-care into practice. In fact, it’s currently one of the first things I address in my coaching practice with new clients.

I’m happy to share that I’ve been creating an integrative holistic coaching template for a local business (more on that in the near future) with the first module focusing heavily on self-care for a beautiful you – inside and out.

In our hectic lives, especially for women, we find ourselves last in line. Family, career, and volunteer opportunities take up most of our day, leaving little time or energy for self-care. So how do we change that cycle to encourage a more self-nurturing environment?

I’ve come up with five easy practices to help you refocus, and commit to a new and sustainable YOU. Can you choose 2 or 3 from the list below and make them your own? Find ways to wake up a few minutes earlier. The success rate for morning practices is over 90% – and way more sustainable than leaving it until the end of the day.

  1. Commit to healthy eating for beautiful skin and lasting vitality. Say no to fast food, processed food, and unhealthy fats. Say YES to ALIVE food (raw fruits and vegetables). It really does make a difference. Strive for 5 servings a day, but 8 would be great!
  2. Use a Dry-Skin Brush daily for beautiful skin. This rids the body of dead skin cells, and assists your lymphatic system in operating at peak performance. See a video here on how to use one.
  3. Get moving with the perfect expression of exercise that fits exactly who you are. Do you love walking, hiking, dancing, hooping, yoga, going to the gym? Whatever you love – do it first thing in the morning to set the tone for an energized day.
  4. Deep breathing is perfect for stress reduction, clarity, and moving stale air out of your lungs. So many of us are shallow breathers without even knowing it. Try 7 Rounds of 7 by Tyler Tolman. Breathe in the to the count of 7, hold for the count of 7, breathe out to the count of 7. Repeat 7 times for a glorious start to your stress-free day!
  5. Practice the art of meditation through gratitude. My Campfire Meditation can be found by clicking here. Find a quiet place to sit for a five minutes, and enjoy!

There are so many more to choose from, or create your own ritual. I like to call it ‘making sacred space for me’.

  • Soak in the bathtub with Epsom Salts & lavender essential oil.
  • Commit to a smoothie every day for breakfast.
  • Eat a beautiful salad for lunch Monday through Friday.
  • Take a 15 minute nap in the afternoon. Yes, that’s right.

Begin listening to your body’s clues and act on them. Paying attention to your body’s needs is the greatest gift you can give yourself. What will your sacred space look like tomorrow?

1-Self CareHave a beautiful day!

Many Blessings, Coach Deb