Healing from Cancer AFTER Treatment

healing solutionsWhat happens when we find ourselves or a loved one in the midst of a healing journey? What is the best support after cancer treatment, to be more energized, and in-control of your own wellness plan?

Many find they are at a loss as to where to turn next.

Here are some simple strategies for overall healthy living and improved wellness.

One can include more nourishing foods such as organic fresh vegetables, berries, pineapple, green apples, and fresh-pressed juices.

Fresh-pressed vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are readily absorbed and reach down to a cellular level, immediately nourishing and enhancing the growth of healthy cells.

Cruciferous vegetables, asparagus, garlic and onions increase glutathione in the body, a potent anti-carcinogen. Stress, diet, infection, toxins, and medications deplete normal glutathione reserves.

Consider adding probiotics to optimize your gut flora, reducing inflammation and strengthening your immune system. Researchers suggest that probiotics might slow cancer progression and improve the response to chemotherapy. Probiotics can be found in certain whole foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, any fermented foods, and whole-food supplementation.

Gentle detox methods need not be scary. Deep Breathing cleanses stale air from the lungs. Dry skin brushing assists the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body, as well as jumping on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes a day.

Encouraging a healing response through sweating is a benefit of using an infrared sauna for 30 minutes, a few times a week. Researchers found a significantly higher amount of toxins leaving the body through the pores using an infrared sauna over regular exercise. Locally, Dodge City Clippers in Genoa has an infrared sauna.

Removing yourself from ‘added’ stressful situations can be very healing. Stress weakens your immune system. Consider taking time off from work after cancer treatment. Keep in mind that even traveling to a vacation destination can be stressful on the body.

How can we combat stress and relax more in the place we are now? Maybe a walk in nature sounds inviting. To minimize stress, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center recommends deep breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, gentle restorative yoga, and mind-body practices like Reiki healing energy. Locally, the Yoga Farm in Lansing provides restorative yoga.

From the Sloan Kettering website: Reiki promotes the healing of physical and emotional ailments through gentle touch. Reiki therapists use light pressure techniques to restore harmony and provide deep relaxation and a sense of clarity.

Mindful self-care is often neglected in our hectic lives. Self-care is a simple practice that you commit to each and every day for nourishment on a different level. A healthy self-care habit like brushing your teeth for instance, can be expanded upon. Choosing from some of the topics above, you could ‘daily’ take a walk in nature, use a dry skin brush, add a few yoga stretches to your morning routine, or strengthen and expand your gratitude practice. What appeals to you personally?

Beginning a Mindful Gratitude Practice can be one of the gentlest forms of rebuilding balance in your life. Start in a comfortable position, with eyes closed, letting your attention drift to your heart area. Now begin to think of just one significant person, pet or object that you are very grateful for, bringing them fully into your awareness in your mind’s-eye. Really FEEL the gratefulness for that person, pet or object as you allow your heart energy to expand. Give the energy a color if it feels comfortable. Feeling the gratefulness in your body is the key to releasing stress and inviting in more harmony and balance.

Lastly, there is a concept called limiting beliefs that can blindside us if we aren’t aware of them. For instance, when I was growing up, my Dad (who had been stationed in WWII Germany) stated that we had to eat everything on our plate because there were starving children in the world. The strong imprint he felt as a young soldier was now imprinted on his children. I absorbed this as my belief too: if I ate everything on my plate, it would help the hungry little German boy that my Dad gave his own rations too when the boy regularly came near his camp.

Limiting beliefs create underlying emotional stress, and inhibit the body from using its full energy potential to heal. Can you think of any beliefs that no longer serve you?

I worked with a client earlier this year that was ambitious and very driven from a young age. While growing up, it had been generously imprinted upon him to be responsible. Sounds like a good thing, right? But what happens when we can’t turn-it-off? What happens when the belief is who-we-are? It defines us. We might have the mindset: ‘our business can’t survive without us!’

Can you see where this stress and not being able to stay out of the office while healing can really weaken the immune system even further? Rest frees up energy that can then be used in healing.

In one way or another, cancer now touches each of our lives. May you find a simple suggestion here to implement, that will continue to support your own health journey.

Trust your inner wisdom first and foremost. These are my own thoughts from my own experience and research. Please check with your medical doctor before making any changes in your own health care plan.