Happy New Year 2015


I’ve been thinking today of how to inspire each and every one of you! And I have a plan.

I’ve created a beautiful template of a goal setting exercise that I viewed today on this video. I’ll explain below…


According to MindValley.com, there are 3 very important questions to ask yourself around setting goals.

  • What EXPERIENCES do I want out of life
  • How do I want to GROW and be a more creative being¬†
  • What do I want to CONTRIBUTE to the world… what will my legacy be… ¬†
Basically, this is how it works. There are 3 columns on your page, one for Experiences, one for Growth, and one for Contribution. You are only to spend 90 seconds on each column. Set a timer. Go with your gut instinct, don’t think too much, just write whatever comes to you.

First you list all experiences that you want to get out of life. What would you really want to experience? Pretend there is NO limit to time and money.
Some idea’s would be around health, fitness, love, relationships, family, friends…
What type of home do you desire, what type of car?
What places do you want to visit?
What do you want to see and experience? holidays… travel plans… think big!

Second you list all the various ways you want to grow and BE a more creative being. Look at your intellectual life… what books do you want to read, what new language do you want to learn? Look at your skills, do you want to learn something new?

Look at character traits and signature strengths. Some signature strengths might be honesty, confidence, humor, bravery, kindness, integrity, leadership, vitality, forgiveness, gratitude, open-mindedness… you get the idea! Where do you want to see growth in your life? Are there any emotional traits you would like to see expand? Maybe being more positive? Any goals or targets you are seeking in spiritual practices, health or fitness?

Lastly, list all the various ways you want to contribute to the world. Your way of giving back, what will your personal legacy look like? What can you contribute to family, friends, the work place, your city, society, our planet?

It can be BIG or SMALL. Maybe volunteer work, an art object that you create… how are you making the world a slightly better place? What creations, specialties… donations of time or money?

“Contribution is one of the surest ways to fulfillment” (mindvalley.com)

After you complete your lists, close your eyes for a few moments. Imagine the best possible situations and outcomes of what you desire for this year! Your thoughts create your reality.

Feel, really feel, the joy of those situations and outcomes as if they are already in existence. Imagine how easy it all comes to you. Feel it in your body, and know, just know it.

This is going to be your BEST YEAR YET!

Many Blessings,
Coach Deb