Global Activation Reiki Event August 26, 2018

beach 01Each and every last Sunday of the month at 7 am, I will be offering global transmissions of love and light beginning on August 26, from the shores of Culebra Puerto Rico.

I am honored to be offering this to you at a time of great soul evolution on the planet. The Blessed Mother Mary is my guide during these transmissions. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this amazing guide.

Blessed MaryI am so grateful for her presence in my life, and now being able to share her unconditional love with you through what I am coining Starseed Global Activation Reiki.

From what I have begun to understand, Starseeds are individuals who exist here on Earth in a human body but whose soul may have originated from another dimension or ‘star’. Does this resonate with you?

As I work with more and more clients through past lives therapy, I am beginning to understand the depth and breadth of our greater expanse, beyond this physical plane we call Earth. This is an exciting time! Please consider joining us.

activation energyDuring this time of soul evolution, I have been guided to offer Starseed Global Activation Reiki to those all around the globe who desire transmissions of love and light for individual and collective soul transformation.

No guided meditation needed, tune in wherever you are, at the top of the 7 am hour, on the last Sunday of every month, for 30 minutes. Preferably lying down, be in a comfortable position to receive. Connected as one, on a deep soul level, we will uplift and raise the vibration of the planet and each other.

To learn more about how it all works, please visit my website at Starseed Global Activation Reiki. If you do have a picture of the Blessed Mother Mary or other small object representing her likeness, you may light a candle and have it nearby as you join this uplifting and loving community. xoxo

In gratitude,